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Erfurt im Sommer entdecken

Erfurt in summer

Especially in summer, Erfurt is a very special experience. Our holiday flat is the ideal starting point for many activities and events. 

Cycling in Erfurt

Discover Erfurt by bike! In the summertime, you can rely on a fully developed bicycle track network. You will certainly remember bicycle tours along rivers Werra, Ilm, Unstrut, Gera, Saale and Elster or through the Thuringian Forest.

Erfurt – a hiker’s paradise

The Werra river valley (Werratal) or river Saale gives you the superb opportunity for canoe or boat trips. You can also enjoy the diverse scenery on a hike through the Thuringian Forest. By this means you may also want to take the ridge walk “Rennsteig”.

“Krämerbrückenfest” – highlight of the year

A definite must see is the biggest historic city centre festival in Germany: “Krämerbrückenfest”. Major part of the festival is a medieval carnival.You can expect a vast number of performances of traditional craftsmen, medieval sword- and exhibition fights with actors disguised in historical garments and mockery in the tradition of Till Eulenspiegel as well as performances by ballad mongers, bands and musical ensembles. Local craftsmen showcase their goods in the area around Kraemerbruecke.The “Krämerbrückenfest” takes place every year on the third weekend of June.

Our recommendation

Every year in August “Domstufenfestspiele” takes place: the fantastic scenery of Erfurt cathedral makes a perfect setting for the drama festival and enchants every visitor who is interested in stage plays and art in general.

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