Dom und Severikirche
Die Krämerbrücke
Am Fischmarkt


Cathedral city Erfurt, located in the middle of Germany, is a very special traveling destination. Erfurt is very proud of its historic city centre, which is not only well preserved but is also among the biggest medieval city centers in Germany. Back in the Middle Ages and because of its many churches and monasteries, Erfurt was called “Thueringisches Rom”. Today, there are about 22 churches and five detached spires distributed across the historic city centre.

Places of interest in Erfurt

At close quarters to our holiday flat, the town’s landmark is located: Erfurt cathedral and Severi church (Severikirche). Inside the gothic cathedral, in the middle tower, there is the biggest church bell of the world – 500 year old “Gloriosa”. On the other side of the cathedral mountain you will find the only, in most parts well preserved baroque citadel, called Petersberg.

Discover the historic city centre of Erfurt

The historic city centre charms visitors with its winding alleys and squares. Enjoy the view over the fondly restored Renaissance and framework buildings in Erfurt.

Kraemer Bridge (Kraemerbruecke)

While covered with 32 inhabited houses along its whole length of 120 m, Kraemer Bridge is a unique building in Europe. The Kraemer Bridge Festival (Krämerbrückenfest) is a very special event of the city of Erfurt.

Erfurt – pure history

Another highlight is the oldest conserved synagogue in Europe, the “Old Synagogue” (Alte Synagoge) at Waagegasse. Not far from here, a jewish ritual bath was discovered in 2007. Follow in steps of famous reformer Martin Luther and visit the Augustinian monastery, built around 1300. You will encounter numerous wall paintings inside of the neo-Gothic town hall (built 1870-74) at fish market (Fischmarkt), telling you legends and scenes taken from the life of Martin Luther and the history of Erfurt.

Our recommendation

If you want to enjoy the special atmosphere of “Little Venice”, we suggest you to take a rest at the course of the river by having a drink. The guided tours, organized by Erfurt Tourist Information, are also highly recommendable. In and around the city, recreational areas and parks invite you to escape from the urban buzz of activity. First to mention is Steiger Forest (Steigerwald) on the southern edges of the city and EGA Park - located just opposite to the holiday flat. The centre of attraction at EGA Park are the Rose Garden (Rosengarten), Japanese rockery and water garden, grass- and bush gardens, tropical green houses with butterflies and the biggest playground with children barnyard in Thuringia.Outdoor leisure for the young and old!